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Aloak Calendar

Aloak Calendar lets you keep track of events simply and easily. Calendar can be incorporated into your website to let you announce upcoming events, keeping your content fresh and your visitors coming back.

Administrative functions allow you to control access to adding, editing or deleting events or persons. Two administrative priviledge levels give you all the flexibility you need to manage administrative tasks. At the top, the Administrator priviledge level is allowed to add, edit or remove any event or person. The Secretary level can add or edit events.

Calendar can be set up to present a 'web surfer view'. Visitors to your site may look at any event, but not make any changes to event data. This view will require customization for your site. The views available to the Administrator and Secretary include various menus which provide access to the administrative functions.

You can also set up a copy of Calendar under your SecureZone for company events that are not for public view.

The two links below show you the 'visitor' or 'web surfer' view and the administrative interface. Remember that you have to use the login test and password test for this demo.

Calendar - Visitor View
Calendar - Calendar Management Tool

For a complete description of Calendar, click here

Things to Know

Calendar comes with two defined roles: Administrator and Secretary. Any login other than Administrator is treated as a Secretary login.