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Aloak Headliner

Aloak Headliner is an easy-to-use, self-publishing tool that lets you add news items, announcements and press releases as often as you like.


  • dynamic content posting
  • headline links to full-text articles
  • easy-to-use content administrator
  • compatible with any Aloak website and all Aloak products

News articles, bulletins, etc. are submitted by visitors to your website, and are added to the active list of articles through the Headliner administrative tool. Submitted articles must be approved before they will appear in the list of posted articles.

Headliner is set up on your home page, where the articles and bulletins can be browsed and viewed.

For a quick look at Headliner as is might appear on your website, click the link below:


Management Tool

Things To Know

Any priviledge level defined may access your Headliner Administrative Tool, however, only the Administrator may approve or edit submitted announcements.

We can match the colours of the images to your website colours.

Style sheet settings can be made in your Headliner configuration file to change the appearance of Healiner on your website.